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“In Situ” Shipwreck Preservation? Not in Post-BP Gulf of Mexico

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Too often, it seems that we know little about the underwater world until something goes terribly, terribly wrong. In 2010 BP oil platform Deepwater Horizon exploded while drilling an exploratory well, blowing out at the ocean floor and spilling an estimated 210 million gallons of crude hydrocarbons into the Gulf of Mexico.

Courtesy NASA

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Slick, Courtesy NASA

While scientists are still working to understand the oil spill’s impact on oceanic and coastal flora and fauna, the fate of critical underwater shipwrecks and other archaeological resources has gone largely unnoticed—until now.

Endurance Research Director Publishes New Novel!


Congratulations to Endurance Exploration Group Director of Research Taylor Zajonc on the official release of his first novel, THE WRECKING CREW! Taylor’s passion for history and adventure has translated into amazing undersea work here at Endurance; we couldn’t be more pleased to see him extend those talents into his exciting new book.

Freed from a secret Moroccan prison, deep-water salvage diver Jonah Blackwell leads a high-stakes search for a missing research team in the pirate-infested waters of Somalia. When his expedition threatens the ambitions of billionaire Charles Bettencourt, Jonah must hijack a hostile submarine and unite former adversaries against a team of ruthless mercenaries. At the center of it all is a mysterious red that that threatens the entire region–a plague that must be stopped at any cost.